Jirawong  Wongtrangan

Born on 20 November 1986, ChiangMai,Thailand

Lives and works in Chiang Mai,Thailand

      Jirawong Wongtrangan spent 7 years studying and practicing

the art of ceramics and printmaking before working at a wheel in

a ceramics factory in Chiang Rai. After investigating opportunities

in Chiang Mai, he was inspired to open his own studio producing

one - of - a - kind hand - thrown ceramics, “Inclay Studio Pottery”,

in 2011. Using mostly natural Ash glazes and create patterns of color

clays and themes from his surrounding landscape, Jirawong has

followed the path of teaching, offering a variety of workshop options

at his studio. Whether you want to pursue a long-term, tailor-made

course with him, or just pop in for a one-day go at hand-building and using the wheel, he welcomes all ceramics enthusiasts.